About Us

Al Mindasah General Trading Company L.L.C., established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in  2014. Al Mindasah is the exclusive agent and distributor of several high-quality brands in chocolates, confectionary, dragees, biscuits, coffee. We operate mainly and directly in the Gulf Council Countries (GCC). The brands presented are from several parts of the world.

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Al Mindasah

Our Story

Our Mission

Al Mindasah depends on flexibility. With the market changing with a fast pace, being rigid is a way to perish. We listen to the market to predict the new coming waves. We look for new approaches, usages of advance technology and studying the latest market trends. We award our employees for any innovation that helps us to adjust and work more efficiently.

Our Vision

Integrity is one of our core values, we believe it’s the only way to have a fruitful and long relationship with the manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. Don’t take our word for it, you can ask any of our high esteem suppliers and manufacturers.